These are some of the things people have said to me.

I know you probably have little interest in wading through an ocean of superlatives, and they're really more for my benefit than yours.  I come here when I need cheering up.


“These are the kind of translations which, when I read them, I think: wish I’d done that.”

"You are a little bit more expensive than most, but also better and faster than most....In short: we need more Phils."

“You really are a great creative writer.”

“I received some very positive feedback from the client, who really liked your translation."

"I still think you're one of the best translator/writer/editors out there. I've personally learned a lot from you in terms of how to write. Let's call it Phil's Art of Perfect Simplicity."

“The style was just great – it’s so rare for us to read something from a translator and feel outclassed by them.”

 “You write so well – your work is always a pleasure to read, even if the content isn’t that exciting.”

 “I am a happy client. I get feedback from my clients which is very good too.”

 “You are always our first choice.”

 “You’re still my first choice for most general and creative texts. You’ve also produced brilliant translations in more technical fields. I know that I don’t have to worry about mistranslations or poor style with your work, and that peace of mind is invaluable.”

“You are one of our best creative translators for this language combination.”

“I’m very happy to announce that the sample you submitted was the client’s favourite.”

“I’ve just looked through this and was very amused by your excellent rewrite - often a considerable improvement on the original. Many thanks.
It's great.”

“I really enjoy reading your translations, and I guess so does everyone else.”

"Thank you very much for your excellent work. You earned a quality rating of 100% for this project."

"You are a fabulous translator."

“You are officially fantastic.”

 “I’ve worked with you on and off for seven years now, and you’re one of my favourite translators to work with.”

 “Translators who dare to go away from the source text in order to produce an English magazine article that reads well and isn't awkward are hard to find. I've tried quite a few so far."

"This one is a really really nice translation.
Potentially the nicest translation I've read in a very long time and I am PICKY.
Well done to the translator. This person is talented."

"The client has been quite particular about using you for the magazine. I think your work on [this project] is amazing."

"Ich war ganz begeistert - Sie haben meine Texte wirklich perfekt und sehr kreativ und abwechslungsreich in die englische Sprache übersetzt! Ganz am Schluss musste ich einmal laut lachen."

"Leest als een trein."

"You've been very flexible about our more demanding clients, and most importantly you always deliver when it comes to quality.""

This is very good work. I've said it before, but you're a great writer. I hope the client will appreciate it as much as I do."

"I told [gallery] they can rely on an accurate and fluent translation, and said that you tend to do research to double-check."

"I think you're one of the best translators in the world, and I'll always want to place work with you whenever I can."